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Monica Oosterdijk

Ben jij in staat je werk- en privé-omgeving te beschermen tegen hacks en cyberaanvallen?

Volg de module Bootcamp Cybersecurity and ethical hacking meets Law, en leer alles over dit actuele thema!
Deze module wordt aangeboden door Dialogue. De module wordt in het Engels gegeven. 

De module Bootcamp Cybersecurity and ethical hacking meets law wordt op dit moment ingepland. De nieuwe startdatum is nog niet bekend, dit zal in het najaar van 2023 plaats gaan vinden. Ook zal dan de locatie bekend gemaakt worden.

TML Academy’s Bootcamp Cybersecurity and ethical hacking module covers the following topics:

  • How the internet and other networks work
  • LAB: Analysing network traffic with Wireshark
  • The 5 phases of a hack 
  • LAB: Hacking websites
  • Introduction to Social Engineering (phishing, etc.)
  • LAB: Social Engineering

Learning outcomes?

  • By the end of this course, you know how to protect your work and personal environment from hacks
  • You will have an overview of how the internet and other networks work
  • You will be aware of the most common cybersecurity threats and how to protect yourself against those threats

Our society relies heavily on cybersecurity to protect sensitive and confidential data, personal information, and critical digital infrastructures. The risk of cyberattacks is constantly increasing, and cyber criminals can no longer be stopped by antivirus software or firewalls alone. For many companies and institutions, it is not a matter of whether they will face a cyberattack, but rather when. This is why cybersecurity is of such great importance.

As a legal professional, it is your responsibility to keep your client’s and your firm or company’s data safe. For this, you need a clear understanding of how the internet works, which security threats you might face, and what you can do to protect yourself from those threats. In our module Cybersecurity and ethical hacking your will learn how to keep your work and personal environment safe from hacks. It will give you an understanding of how (ethical) hackers go about, which tools they use, and what they do to stay undetected. 

  • Find out how to protect personal and confidential data from cyberattacks
  • Learn from the best: your trainer is an expert in the field of cybersecurity
  • Work in small groups with lots of exciting, practical exercises


Your trainer comes from Techmongers. Their mission is to motivate and enable professionals in the transition to sustainable skills. Techmongers is a modern IT school, with trainers who have an extensive background in building, maintaining, and securing IT and IT infrastructure. Techmongers helps people and organisations to innovate, to keep up with modern technology, and to do so securely and responsibly – through education.

The investment for this course is €3.990 (excl. VAT). This amount includes catering and access to the digital learning environment.